Adorable Video Of Real Couples Makes Fidelity Look Good

This is a message we don't often hear on the airwaves. Singer-songwriter Andy Grammer has just posted the music video for his song "Honey, I'm Good," and if it doesn't warm your heart at least a little, we don't know what to tell you. The song is an ode to honesty in relationships: "I’ve got her, and she got me," Grammer sings, "And you’ve got that ass, but I kindly gotta be like / Oh baby, no baby, you got me all wrong baby / My baby’s already got all of my love."
It may not be Shakespeare, but the message is refreshing when we're used to hearing song after song about infidelity. While the lyrics may not grab you, the music video will: Grammer used social media to crowdsource more than 100 real-life couples of various ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. These couples lip-synch to Grammer's song while holding up numbers representing how long they've been together, from a few months to over 70 years.
"As a guy who's out on tour a lot and there's lots of cute girls all over the country, to just deny that that's real would not be true," Grammer explained to The Huffington Post. "So, I wanted to make an honest, true song about staying with somebody and in the end enjoying it." Grammer and his wife, Aijia Lise Guttman, make a cameo at the 21-second mark, but our favorite stars are the elderly couple at 3:06, who have apparently been together for 71 aww-inducing years.

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