Body Acceptance Is Important For The Super-Fit, Too

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
It’s hard to find the time, dedication, and motivation to really make fitness a significant part of your life. Those who do get major kudos from us — and from everybody who realizes how awesome it is to have sculpted muscles that are well-deserved (and well-earned).
Jen Sinkler, personal trainer and writer of the weekly column “Strongly Worded,” talked to Women’s Health about being proud of her muscular body. On her recent trip to Ecuador, Sinkler found that her arms were a source of bewilderment for many — from her trail guide to the local children. Though she was embarrassed at first, Sinkler soon realized that the attention wasn't negative or judgmental; these people just hadn't seen such a muscular woman before, and were curious. So, Sinkler decided to use her muscles to foster awareness of women's strength and power. She noticed that when she responded enthusiastically (rather than defensively) to people's questions about her muscles, the question-asker would react with enthusiasm as well.
Lesson of the story: Be proud of your body, no matter where you are. Go to Women's Health to read more about Jen. (Women's Health)

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