21 Relationship Rumors That Seem Totally Bogus

Jackie and Kelso actually getting together and having a baby? Makes sense. Gwyneth and Chris consciously uncoupling? Sure. George Clooney abandoning his vow of eternal bachelorhood and throwing the biggest wedding of the year? Okay. Seriously, there's very little the Hollywood crowd can do anymore to shock us. Sometimes it seems as though just about any rumor has a kernel of truth to it.
But, then you start to think about it. Is Miley dating a Kennedy scion and making out with Paris Hilton — or is she pregnant and in rehab, as one gossip rag is claiming? It can't be both, right? Just think about all the costars who were supposedly knocking boots, or getting back together, or splitting up. What happened to all those rumors that never, well, amounted to much?
With 2014 slowing to a halt, we decided to dig up the year's juiciest — if not totally far-fetched — relationship rumors. This may come as a shock, but from time to time the gossip columns get it wrong. Sometimes people are just friends, sometimes baby bumps are just food bellies, and sometimes a lover's tiff is forgotten by morning. We suspect that may be the case here.

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