Ed Sheeran Was The Happiest Man Alive At The VS Fashion Show

Forget "happy as a clam." We've got a new idiom for the epitome of true joy that needs to make its way into the popular lexicon: "as happy as Ed Sheeran at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show." Just look at this guy. He's died and gone to heaven — a very specific version of heaven, in which models and pop stars clad in black lace surround him, cheering. Sheeran was actually standing in a living, breathing Victoria's Secret catalog.
Rather than taking the Internet's newfound love of this photo for what it is, Sheeran tried to offer a paltry explanation for the goofy grin on his face. You see, it was because of a joke fellow performer and near-runway-kill Ariana Grande made at that very moment. Sure, it was, Ed. As if Ariana Grande is that hilarious.
Now that we think about it, though, Sheeran is a very jolly person in general. He's always ready to crack up about something, whether it's during an appearance on a panel show or while watching Harry Styles twerk at the Teen Choice Awards. Ahead, just a few times the singer-songwriter proved that he's the happiest man on Earth.
Ever the supportive friend, Sheeran encourages his pal Harry Styles to twerk it at the Teen Choice Awards.
The time Sheeran went on British music quiz show Never Mind the Buzzcocks and went into delightful detail about what it's like to spend the night with him.
When he bust out a giggle, a stretch, and a casual head toss during an interview.

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