Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hit Pause On Wedding Plans

Photo: REX USA/Rex.
It's been almost a year since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard surprised everyone with their engagement. Their relationship and betrothal has always seemed unconventional. He wears a man-gagement ring. She told reporters she'd prefer to shoot a gun than wear a wedding dress.
Now, it's looking more and more likely that the couple has hit pause on their wedding planning and eventual marriage. First, there was Depp's drunken speech at the Hollywood Awards, which reportedly embarrassed Heard. Now, multiple sources have told People that the couple is in "no rush to marry at the moment." Although "Johnny is crazy in love with Amber," there is "turmoil in the relationship."
"Amber flirts and has many different kinds of relationships," a source told People. "She's not ready to settle down."
The magazine also reports that Heard's established free spirit ethos has been a challenge for Depp. And, she is 23 years his junior.
Well, if those two crazy kids can't make it work...we're fairly confident many other couples still can. (People)

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