Taylor Swift Addresses Every Problem You Have With Her In New Interview

When Southern Living arranged an interview with Taylor Swift, it was probably not pitched as "This will give you a chance to respond to widespread criticism." But, that's exactly what ended up happening. The point of the Q&A was likely to give Swift a chance to talk about her country roots and how she is or isn't drifting from them. Sure, she talks about apple pie and the charm of the southern drawl. But, what we mostly ended up with is a series of put-you-in-your-place quotes. And, we're so into it.
Despite her epic career, discussions of women's rights, and killer sense of humor, Swift is often the target of a lot of hate. Ahead, Swift responds to every complaint people have about her these days. Haven't we already established that everyone's a Swiftie, whether they admit it or not?

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