Ellen DeGeneres Recast As Anastasia Steele In Fifty Shades

Ellen DeGeneres is tired of filming scenes for movies only to have them end up on the cutting room floor. That's why she's released her own version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. See, she's actually playing the lead, Anastasia Steele, in the upcoming film. It's definitely her, not Dakota Johnson. As you'll see in this clip, Ellen's tired of people pretending that Johnson is starring opposite Jamie Dornan, because she's not. Ellen is.
Ellen is actually a perfect fit for Fifty Shades, "because no one know knows their way around a whip more than me," the star explains. There are just a few minor issues, though. In the book, Anastasia is mostly a quiet, passive participant in her interactions with Christian. Ellen plays Ana as someone who, well, has a bit more to say than Mr. Grey might like.
She also dismisses the Red Room of Pain with a prompt "Oh, hell no!" the minute she sees it. We'll have to see if this version of Fifty Shades makes it into the trilogy. Our fingers are crossed for you this time, Ellen.
Photo: Courtesy of EllenTube.
Watch the real Fifty Shades trailer ahead to figure out which one you'd rather see.

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