This Double-Ended Dildo Is “Millions Of Sex Toys In One”

At first glance, it may not be apparent that Pico Bong's newest product, the Transformer, is a sex toy. That's the point — to buck sex-product conventions with an object designed to enhance any kind of pleasure. Seriously, any kind: The Transformer's makers bill the device as the world's "first gender-neutral sex toy."
"It doesn’t care whether you ascribe to a label or reject labels entirely," reads the Pico Bong website. "All that matters to the Transformer is that you enjoy the journey... It’s perfect for her, him, her & him, him & him, her & her, and every other combination possible."
Finally, you can own a sex toy that's as politically correct as you are! Of course, all sex toys are gender-neutral in that if you enjoy using one, you can and should, regardless of your gender or orientation. But, like those American Apparel wear-it-15-ways dresses that were all the rage last decade, the Transformer promises more choices than any other single product. The two-foot-long, bendable cable vibrates at both ends, in 10 patterns and at "multiple speeds." It can twist into any shape and hold it, meaning it can be used as a cock ring — as well as a plug, clitoral massager, dildo, prostate stimulator, and surely a few yet-to-be-discovered options. Might we say it's more than meets the eye? (Sorry.)
Finally, the Transformer is USB-rechargeable and waterproof, because why should anyone tell you you can't get it on in a swimming pool? While we haven't independently verified Pico Bong's claim that the Transformer can function as "millions" of sex toys, we predict its owners will enjoy trying.

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