Beyoncé Just Dropped Her Greatest Video Ever

Now this is how you break the Internet. Just as everyone was about to dip into their first Negroni of the evening, Beyoncé — queen of the surprise everything — went ahead and released the video for her brand new single "7/11." On a Friday night. And, although we've only watched it 40 times in the last 20 minutes (yes, it's possible), it's safe to say that this might in fact be the best video of all time. Say it with us, Kanye: of all time!
As the biggest pop star on the planet, Beyoncé has every resource imaginable when it comes to producing music videos. She could probably shoot one in the Oval Office if she felt like it. (Might help Obama's ratings.) But, "7/11" looks like all she used was a GoPro, a messy hotel room, and some of the most spectacular choreography we ever did see. Of course, it totally works.
We won't say any more, because who are we to spoil all the fun? Just know this: A new standard has been set for hotel parties.

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