How To Get Your Fitness Motivation Back

Photographed by Aaron Richter.
As the weather gets colder, it also gets tougher to find the willpower to tie on your sneakers and get out there. With so many other holiday commitments taking up most of your schedule, working out can become the last thing on your mind. Luckily, Women’s Health came up with a few motivational strategies that are sure to get you up and at 'em the next time you’re about to forgo that run.
Whoever said talking to yourself was a sign of crazy? Obviously, that person never benefitted from a pep talk. When you do talk to yourself pre- or mid-workout, try using the second person (“you”) rather than the first person (“I”); it’ll make you more motivated to perform better. Researchers believe this is because people are used to following commands, which are given in the second rather than the first person.
When you’re just really feeling discouraged, don’t think about what lies ahead or how difficult your workout is at this moment. Instead, remember a positive workout experience that you really enjoyed — like that time you flew through the finish line of a 5k — to boost your workout motivation.
Keep a few of these tricks in mind the next time it becomes a battle between tackling the snowy outside or staying inside your warm bed. Go to Women's Health to get more motivational boosters. (Women's Health)

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