How The Red Carpet Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Real Hunger Game

There are but a few things in life that really drive a (wo)man: love, fear, and hunger. Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence knows this to be true. Her character in that little franchise you may have heard of called The Hunger Games is driven by all of those things — though her hunger is more of a thirst to overthrow The Capitol.
Ironically, though, actual hunger doesn't play a major role in the Hunger Games story. Jennifer Lawrence does play her own version of it in real life; on more than one occasion Lawrence has admitted to being "starving" and outwardly asking whether there will be food at swanky Tinseltown events. It's charming, really, her outspoken real-life hungry games struggle. It makes her celebrity status a little bit more human (and our regular lives a little more like J Lawr's).
Ahead, 10 times the odds were not in favor of our real-life Mockingjay's cravings.

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