Kim Kardashian Butt Memes May Really #BreakTheInternet

At this point in the buzz cycle, you're probably aware that a certain reality star/entrepreneur's derrière is prominently featured on the cover of a magazine. But, if you've managed to avoid all forms of social media and respected news outlets, know that Kim Kardashian and her bare booty are front and center on Paper magazine's latest issue.
Now, the cover promised that Ms. Kardashian West would break the Internet. It has certainly caused a virtual storm, but breakage? Hardly. Twitter didn't even go down for a minute. Instead, some individuals have toiled over think pieces orbiting around our nation's honorary badonkadonk, while others take it at face value and mock it. And, it's only because the Internet did not break that we can view these memes and have a few LOLs before resuming normal life.
Although, the whole resuming normalcy thing might take a while as the #BreakTheInternet hashtag is still being flooded with images. Looks like it'll be a full moon tonight, tomorrow, and maybe forever.
An emoji a day keeps the Internet at bay!
Google would never, but the people of the Internet, however...
"Life in plastic / it's fantastic"
M&M's isn't just you're regular company, it's a cool company.
The sarcasm here is palpable.
Time to rewrite them art history books!
"Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*cker"
The Illuminati was totally, ahem, behind this.
Things got political...


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