30 Times Stars Were Not Having It On The Red Carpet

For a celebrity, having to peacock down the red carpet and bare your teeth at a screaming phalanx of paparazzi must be the Hollywood equivalent of showing up on a crappy Monday morning and finding yourself alone in the elevator with Laughs-At-His-Own-Jokes Larry. Sometimes, all you can do is grin and bear it. Other times, you simply snap. Then comes the pouting, screaming, and bird-flipping. It's one thing to get the silent treatment from a wounded Larry; it's another to have your hissy fit splashed all over Us Weekly, In Touch, or, say, here in this article.
As these photos prove, stars aren't always feeling the love on the red carpet. Maybe they don't want to put on a tux. Maybe the crowds are too much. Maybe the questions are too personal. Maybe being asked to shout "yippee ki-yay, motherfucka" for the billionth time is excruciating. Or, maybe they just had spinach in their teeth and didn't want to show off those pearly whites.
Whatever the reason, it's plain to see that these stars just really weren't having it. It happens.

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