Taylor Swift Is Taking You Inside "Blank Space"

Can't get enough of the luxurious, sprawling grounds and lavish rooms in Taylor Swift's new "Blank Space" video? Now, Swift is letting you venture even further inside the world of her latest cinematic masterpiece. The singer just launched a free app that lets you explore the gorgeously outfitted settings through which Swift and Sean O'Pry wind during their explosive love story.
It's called the "American Express Unstaged Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience App." Well, that's the official name, but can you imagine walking around asking people if they've downloaded that? The app allows you to turn the video into a 360-degree, fully immersive experience. You can go behind the scenes, explore the mansion, and pick up various objects. There are even more characters to follow around — like a butler who's hidden in the original video.
Swift also placed 41 Easter eggs throughout the video — like the phone with the text message from another woman that sets Swift's character off. Users can find them and share their discoveries on social media.
Luckily, the app doesn't place you in harm's way of Swift's golf club. Because, oof, that poor car. (Mashable)

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