Jaden Smith Gave Kendall Jenner Three New Songs For Her Birthday

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Call him a Twitter mystic weirdo. Call him a lovesick puppy dog who doesn't know when to quit. Call him a spoiled rich kid who's riding his daddy's coattails. Say what you will about Jaden Smith — just don't call him a bad rapper.
Smith has been on musical tear as of late, even matching Drake in rhyming proficiency. His latest release comes in the form of three songs, in honor of his BFF Kendall Jenner's birthday. Smith is often linked to Kendall's sister Kylie, but she just got a song.
The three tracks, titled "Preach,"Pleiadian Medicine," and "ER the Faculty" all showcase Smith's effortless, velvety flow and inventive lyricism. The production — courtesy of frequent collaborator Téo — is also far more experimental than most hip-hop you'll hear on the radio.
With Willow Smith's musical resurgence fully underway, and Jaden proving that he has the chops to hang with his little sister, the Smith siblings are well on their way to becoming the future of music.
That's right. Jaden and Willow Smith: The Future of Music. You heard it here first.
Click through to listen to that very future below. (Complex)

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