30 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Tweets

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Celebrity Twitter accounts are not often all that exciting. A fan retweet here. A plug for their new album or movie there. We get it, you're famous.
Sometimes, though, the world's elite hits us with a deep moment of clarity — an unexpected 140-character hit of pure truth. They tweet something simple, yet deep. It's like sitting in a coffee shop with your friend who says something so profound, you're left picking up pieces of your brain from the floor.
Ahead, 30 times celebrities straight-up blew our minds on Twitter. No shade here. This is all pure genius.

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This shouldn't make sense, but it does. Because he's choosing not to smile, he delights in his freedom to do so, right? Guys?
Arbitrary capitalization rules aside, Jaden Smith just blew my mind. I guess this puts to rest the argument over whether or not people can change.
It's sweet, but I'm not totally sure why.
I ask myself this MANY a morning, Ri.
If subscribing to Iggy Azalea's philosophy is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Yes, this is a tweet — but I can also picture it as a real thing that would happen on Candidly Nicole.
This has changed the way I view both fireworks and zoos.
That time Aziz Ansari read all of our minds.
I never thought of Sea World as a jail for beautiful oceanic creatures, but now I can't not think of it that way, you know?
I'm positive this is an important notion — I just can't understand it yet.
You just don't get enough real talk like this on Twitter these days.
Why aren't we all making time to stay up and watch the lunar eclipse? 2 Chainz is an inspiration.
I didn't think it was possible to find something so influential on this celebrity's Twitter feed, yet here we are. Here. We. Are.
I clearly haven't considered this enough, but Page is totally right. We trust computers with so much personal information, and they basically run our lives.
Such philosophy! Very The Giver.
This is what I've been saying for years.
In which Jenny Slate gives the smart, fun, nice boobies their rightful place on the totem pole of breasts.
Remember: This was before Netflix.
Um, brb, changing every photo caption I've ever written.
A keen reminder that we need to unplug every now and then.
Ellen's right. We're not fully appreciating what an amazing accomplishment it is that our phones handle daylight savings time for us. This also bolsters Ellen Page's claims that computers are, in fact, crazy.
A simple but totally refreshing thought from one Kylie Jenner.
This is just...why hasn't anyone talked about this before?
From now on, I'm going to hand all my to-do lists to strangers, then dance away. And if anyone asks why, I'll appropriate the Drizzy phrase and shout #YOKO.
You're not alone, Gabourey Sidibe. You are not alone.
I mean, they are and this is accurate and we should be concerned.
Do you know how hard it is to type and slow clap?

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