Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Coming Out As A Feminist

Photo: REX USA/Ken McKay/ITV/Rex.
The F-word is a hot topic in Hollywood these days. No, not that F-word. (At this point, it seems like "fuck" could roll off a celebrity's tongue during an interview and cause nary a rift in the space-time continuum.) The operative F-word here is feminism. Everyone wants to know whether or not a celebrity self-identifies as a feminist. It's apparently very important because it helps us further judge people we don't actually know in the first place. Luckily, Daniel Radcliffe is here to call everyone out on the BS.
In a new interview with British GQ, Radcliffe was asked point-blank if he's a feminist. "Yes," he replied, before elaborating, "There seems to be a very recent thing that you come 'out' as a feminist. It's a very weird thing. I mean, yes of course, but I'm a feminist as much as I'm an egalitarian about everything, and I believe in meritocracy."
Radcliffe raised an excellent point: Why do people have to declare themselves feminists and have it feel like such a big reveal? If we need a less politically-charged term for believing that everyone is equal, perhaps his later word choice, egalitarian, is the way to go. He also has some advice for people still in the anti-feminist boat.
"I think anyone who isn't [a feminist] at this point is just swimming against the tide just like people who are vaguely homophobic or racist or sexist or whatever it is. I just think, 'God, you're still keeping that up? Give it up, you've lost.'"
Seriously, can we vote for Daniel Radcliffe in the midterm elections? (GQ)

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