Jimmy Fallon & Kevin Spacey Do Halloween-Themed Celeb Impressions

Hey now! While you were out gorging on Tootsie Rolls and pumpkin beer last night, Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon spun the Wheel of Impressions (yes, it's a real thing and it lives in Denver) on The Tonight Show.
Jimmy kills a Dr. Phil counseling Frankenstein's monster, "Frank, now listen to me, deep down, you're not a monster." Spacey nails Christopher Walken talking about trick or treating, reciting the classic poem — "smell my feet" and all — which isn't creepy in the slightest (hah!).
Back to Spacey for a Micheal Caine impression, and while we love him for trying, his Caine had a bit more of a Jack Dawkins in Oliver Twist ring to it. Sorry Kevin, impressions are hard! Let's be honest, no one can top Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon's "This is How Michael Caine Speaks" from The Trip.
But, if you only have time for one impression today, go straight to 4:25 for Kevin as Bill Clinton, Ghostbuster. It's short, sweet, and pretty much everything. We ain't fraid of no ghosts!

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