11 Alright, Alright, Alright Celeb Matthew McConaughey Impressions

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Matthew David McConaughey entered the world on November 4, 1969. That birth year feels appropriate for all sorts of reasons. Unfortunately, the magical Mr. McConaughey hasn't always been appreciated during his 45 years on this planet. For awhile, it seemed as though he was meant to toil away as nothing more than a toned torso in romantic comedies. His famous arrest in 1999 for nude dancing and bongo playing (along with marijuana possession) just added to the case against Matthew McConaughey as a serious actor and human.
Then, McConaughey took the advice of his breakout character, David Wooderson from Dazed and Confused. "Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N." That's exactly what McConaughey did. He just kept being Matthew McConaughey — hater of shirts, surprisingly existentialist thinker — and eventually everyone else came around. Now, he's a bonafide Oscar winner, father of three, and philanthropist. He's even taking the McConaughey magic to space, thanks to Christopher Nolan blasting him off into space in Interstellar
Celebrities have been imitating McConaughey's laid-back Texas drawl for years. So, what better way to honor the man, the myth, the McConaughey on his birthday than with a roundup of the best impressions from his peers? We've even graded them on a scale of zero to three "Alrights." Nailing down that drawl is harder than you think.

Kate Hudson
Repeat McConaughey costar Kate Hudson both honored and roasted the actor when he was the recipient of the 28th American Cinematheque Award. If anyone can get you to face your fears of scuba diving and sharks, it's a shirtless Matthew McConaughey, promising that it's like Woodstock right underneath the surface.

Alrights: 2

Jim Carrey
Why does Matthew McConaughey drive a Lincoln? Pretty much so great impressionists like Jim Carrey can mock his way-too-introspective ads. Although, the commercials are apparently working. Lincoln Motors recently reported the strongest October sales since 2007.

Alrights: 2.5
Matt Damon Matt Damon has one impression — and it is perfect — which probably explains why he's asked to trot it out every time he stops by Letterman. The two costar in Interstellar, which means Damon's McConaughey quote tank is refueled and ready for a talk-show host to prime the pump.
Alrights: 3

Zac Efron
McConaughey left a voicemail congratulating Efron on his performance in The Paper Boy, which Zac keeps on his phone to this day. Wouldn't you?

Alrights: 1.5

Taran Killam
McConaughey's Oscar speech was rife for an SNL impersonation, and Killam nailed it on "Weekend Update."

Alrights: 2

Breckin Meyer
He brought us so much joy as Travis in Clueless, but he brought us even more joy when he expounded on the tao of McConaughey on Conan.

Alrights: 1

Jared Leto
Of course Leto was going to mimic his Dallas Buyers Club costar at some point during the duo's 2014 award show sweep.

Alrights: 1

Ellen DeGeneres
This isn't a McConaughey impression, per se, but it does spoof his Lincoln ads and love of special brownies perfectly.

Alrights: 0.5

Channing Tatum, Chord Overstreet, Justin Long (among others)
In honor of Dallas Buyers Club hitting theaters, Vulture created a supercut of some of the best McConaughey impressions to date. Could this roundup be considered a sign of the McConaissance that was just beginning? Alright, alright, alright it was.


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