This Interstellar Trailer Will Cause Motion Sickness

Brace yourselves: The final look at Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is epic. It's the most coherent of the trailers released and the most awe-inducing. Not since Gravity has one preview felt so sublime.
Audiences feel the blast into space, the spin of the space ship and swirl of dust storms down below, where waves as tall as mountains threaten the lives of Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, and Wes Bentley. Jessica Chastain looks pensive in flames, too.
Nolan's sci-fi odyssey focuses on McConaughey's mission to save the human race from extinction. Earth is no longer safe and a newly discovered wormhole somewhere out in the great unknown universe could hold the key to continuing human life. Sounds deep. Sounds enticing. Sounds like it has Oscar written all over it.
Buckle up, folks. The race — both for human life and that golden statue — is officially on. (Vulture)

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