Is Lily Allen’s Dr. Luke Costume Too Much?

One of the things that everyone loves about Lily Allen is her willingness to speak her mind, controversy be damned. And, boy, was the controversy being courted at Kate Hudson's annual Halloween party last night.
The pop star, who was one of many celebrities to attend the bash, went for a topical, music industry-insider costume this year. Yep, that's her as Dr. Luke, gynecologist.
The real Dr. Luke is, of course, the hit-making songwriter/music producer whom longtime collaborator Kesha has just accused of emotional abuse, sexual assault, and battery. In her lawsuit, the "Die Young" singer alleged that Dr. Luke plied her with drugs and alcohol, then made sexual advances when her defenses were down. Hence, Allen's gynecologist reference.
Okay, so Allen is no doubt making a statement about Dr. Luke's pervy reputation. In one sense, she's standing by Kesha. In another, she's trivializing the matter and, really, kind of coming off as no better than those folks dressing up as Ray Rice this Halloween. Rice and Dr. Luke (the latter of whom, we must point out, has not yet been found guilty of his alleged crimes) may be two of the year's top villains, but it seems pretty distasteful and premature to be turning them into a punchline. Not because they don't deserve it, but because the victims don't. Maybe think about that as you're assembling your Dirty Terry Richardson get-up tonight. (Mirror)

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