Ryan Gosling Made An Album & You Should Probably Listen To It

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If your reaction to the above headline is "Ryan Gosling made a what now?" We're willing to let it slide. In the ever-evolving Gosling ecosystem, his brief career as a goth-folk troubadour gets far less play than the memes/movies/making-of-babies that comprise his current persona. Well, we're here to tell you that's not okay. If there's anytime to (re)discover Ryan Gosling the musician, it's Halloween.
In 2009, Gosling teamed up with fellow indie dreamboat Zach Shields to form Dead Man's Bones. Their self-titled debut had Halloween coursing through its veins. It was an ambitious, haunting concept album exploring themes of love, mortality, and the supernatural.
There was no follow-up.
We can't help but wonder why the duo never got more love. Not only was Gosling on the cusp of movie stardom, but the album actually works. Check out the lead single, "Pa Pa Power," a catchy, ominous anthem that sounds like Arcade Fire on Ambien. Maybe the side project was just Gosling needing to excavate some long-buried desire to be a rock star, or maybe he's just an artist who had a burning need to create something. Whatever the case, we're glad it exists as an artifact worthy of being dusted off every October 31st.
So, when you're carving that pumpkin or tricking that treat this weekend, here's your soundtrack. Have a safe and Gosling Halloween. (Nylon)

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