31 Animated Characters You Totally Have A Crush On

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Crushes are one of the most amorphous, free-flowing concepts in existence. They range from innocent to palpitation-inducing — from logical to lacking any sort of explanation. It’s hard to predict who or what will give you the stirrings. You develop crushes for a variety of reasons that aren’t always sexual in nature. You may even have them before you know to identify them as crushes.
Ask anyone about his or her first crush, and the answer will come with a wistful, nostalgic smile. These first objects of attraction are integral to who you are. During your formative years, all sorts of things will strike your fancy. And, since children are heavily influenced by the characters they see in books, movies, and television, it’s natural to develop a fondness for certain characters.
We asked R29 staffers which animated creatures caught their attention when they were younger. We know you’ve got some, too. Give in to your feelings. As Jennifer Paige once sang, “It’s just (ahh) a little crush (crush).”

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