Heidi Montag Has Marriage Advice For Lauren Conrad

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been married for six years. They'll also appear in a new reality show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. So, that pretty much qualifies former Hills star Montag to give some marriage advice to her former best friend and co-star Lauren Conrad on her new union with William Tell.
When asked what words of advice she'd offer Conrad, Montag answered: "I would just say 'Love is really selfless,'" she told Celebuzz. "It's really important to be selfless and not always have to be right. You should really think about the other person."
"It's about prioritizing the other person. I think love is just the key and prioritizing that in your life. Spencer and I have sacrificed a lot to be together, so I think we definitely prioritize each other. That's the secret," she told Celebuzz.
That's actually pretty good advice from Montag. But, we've got a feeling Conrad's got this whole marriage thing under control. (Celebuzz)

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