The Biggest Takeaways From Daniel Radcliffe’s Reddit AMA

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Daniel Radcliffe is well into phase two of his career. This Friday, the grown-up fairy tale Horns marks his fourth post-Potter leading role. In it, Radcliffe plays a man whose life spirals out of control after he's suspected of murdering his girlfriend, and horns begin to grow out of his own head. (Yep, that'll do it.) It's the kind of macabre turn that Radcliffe has embraced wholeheartedly, leaving that bespectacled boy wizard firmly in the rear view mirror. But, as we learned in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session that the actor took part in Monday, that's not his intention. Here's Radcliffe on his Harry Potter legacy and five other takeaways from today's AMA.
He's not as desperate to leave Harry Potter behind as some people may think.
"People think that because I'm making an effort to have a career for myself after Potter, that they somehow think I want to escape Potter? And I don't, I"m very proud of what those films were, and what we did with them. And so I always like to say I am happy to hear from people who still love the movies."
He would love to play a James Bond villain.
"I think it's generally more interesting, and honestly, more what I'm suited for, to be honest. I don't see myself necessarily - I mean, I know there was a lot of action in Potter and I liked those sequences, but I don't think of myself as a natural action star."
Of all the characters in the Harry Potter universe, he'd like to hang out with Sirius.
"Like I always loved the character, and then Gary's portrayal of him I thought was perfect. Or Lupin, really. Any of the characters my dad used to hang out with, other than Wormtail. There was always something bout those two guys I loved a lot."
The Gringotts scenes in Deathly Hallows was Radcliffe's favorite sene to shoot in all the Potter films.
"We were all enjoying ourselves in that, it's an action sequence so it was quite, it was more of a technical challenge than an emotional one, so it was a lot of fun to get right."
He will not be involved in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.
"I don't know anything about it, so I have no inkling as to what they are going to be like or about, but I'm sure they will be exciting. Jo Rowling is writing them, so that's a pretty good sign!"
He's all about Star Wars for Halloween and even got to visit J.J. Abrams' set.
"I've very recently, like within the last 6 months - watched the original Star Wars movies, I'm like a brand new Star Wars fan, so I might go with something Star Wars related! And I got to go out to the Star Wars set recently, because a lot of my friends are working on it crew-wise.. so something Star Wars related."

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