Daniel Radcliffe Is Not What You Think In Horns

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe plays a dude with some mystical powers in his new movie Horns. But, before you roll your eyes and let out a disappointed, he's-still-doing-magic-movies sigh, sit down and press play.
Nothing can really prepare you for what you're about to watch. Simply writing that an American-accented Daniel Radcliffe sprouts horns that force people to tell the truth after his girlfriend dies is wild enough. But, season it with pitchforks, oxycontin-snorting doctors, bar fires, and news reporters beating the pulp out of one another to interview the horned one, and it's almost too much.
Yep, Radcliffe is definitely not at Hogwarts anymore. His latest has been met with mixed reviews, but who cares when the trailer is this good. Directed by Alexandre Aja and starring Juno Temple, Horns is rumored to be one of Radcliffe's most powerful performances. To be honest, if you just close your eyes and listen, you won't even recognize the British actor. Horns? Yeah. Fantasy things and Radcliffe go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, an American guy? Now, that's some transfiguration spell only a former boy wizard could cast. (MTV)

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