Classic Album Covers Get A Trippy Remix

Name a classic record and you can no doubt picture its album sleeve right away. The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, that naked Nirvana baby going for a swim, Bruce Springsteen's keister making you feel, erm, strange emotions. These things are just burned into our brains.
Certain album covers may be as iconic as the songs contained within, but that's nothing a little modern makeover can't change. The talented folks at Aptitude, a London design firm, took a crack at updating some classic images we all know and love. Oh, and they threw a Justin Bieber album in there, too.
From Michael Jackson to the Fab Four, these album artwork remixes poke fun at the originals, Macaulay Culkin, and the artists themselves. Would we our grandparents have bought Off The Wall if it had a peeing dog on its cover? Probably not. But, at least it's entertaining.

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