This New IKEA Desk Will Make You Happier At Work

Photo: Courtesy of IKEA
While standing desks seem awesome in theory (great posture, superb circulation) — one thought always makes us hesitant to commit to the work lifestyle the desk represents. What if we really want to sit down at some point in the day (and, not on a hard high stool)? Do we just have to go find a lonely conference room? Well, IKEA must have heard our quandary. Its newly released adjustable desk — the BEKANT let's us have all the work-station heights we could possibly imagine.
Intended for easier collaborating and meetings, the desk has two arrow buttons to let you raise or lower it to your desired height throughout the day. It seems like a breeze. The piece comes in a variety of veneers with the option to purchase just the frame at a lower cost. Click on to watch a video of the desk in all its rising action glory. Because, adjusting your chair is so last year.

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