Have A Phobia? Here Are The Movies To Avoid

I am afraid of spiders. But, not like in an "oh, there's a spider on the wall, can you kill it for me?' kind of way. No. It's more like, the mere thought of one makes me want to tear my skin off and set my brain on fire. It's reaction befitting creatures that were born in the pits of hell, I think. Because of this phobia, there are certain films I just can't watch in any circumstance, at any cost. They are: Godzilla, Super 8, Cloverfield, and many others that feature anything that even remotely resembles a arachnid.
So, I know what movies I should avoid based on my phobia, but do you? Depending on the nature of whatever irrational fear afflicts you, there are certain films that you should — no need — to avoid. And, because we hate to see you, dear reader, in such a state, we've curated a list of films that sufferers of the most common phobias should never watch. Click through to see them all (unless, of course, you have an irrational fear of slideshows).

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