An Entirely Different Kind Of Apple Operating System

Whether you like them in a pie, with some peanut butter, or covered in caramel, it's hard to deny the classic, humble appeal of an apple. And, in honor of Apple Day, we talked to apple expert Kaci Komstadius of Sage Fruit Company to learn a little more about these lovely fall fruits.
In Sage's apple taste infographic (below), apples are categorized both by taste and by the best ways to use them. For instance, bright green Granny Smiths are the most tart, while Gala apples are closer to the sweeter end, with the ultra-popular Honeycrisps in between. An apple's sourness is partly caused by malic acid, while its sweetness is due to the fruit's sugar content, which is measured in Brix levels. Komstadius says all of the varieties on the chart are in season right now.
Recent studies also suggest that all apples might not be created equally. For instance, a study from Washington State University suggested that Granny Smiths are the most beneficial for our gut bacteria. And, a recent paper published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry indicates that Red Delicious apples have the most antioxidants. But, for the most part, Komstadius says apple types are equally healthy: You'll find filling fiber and helpful vitamin C in all varieties.
So, whether you're planning to cook up some apple sauce (Kamstadius suggests mixing a few types together), topping off a salad (go for a sweet Fuji), or baking a classic pie (stay away from those juicy Galas), we suggest finding a way to work an apple into your near future. Check out the chart below to see where your favorites stand.
Photo: Courtesy of Sage Fruit Company.

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