How Lady Gaga Found Her Bad Romance With Taylor Kinney

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In Lady Gaga's 2009 smash hit "Bad Romance," the singer yearns for everything about her lover. The "bad" is what turns her on. Now, five years later, she's found it.
Gaga and Chicago Fire star/international sauce pot Taylor Kinney have been dating since 2011. Unlike Gaga's omnipresent personality, her relationship with Kinney has remained incredibly private. It's only until recently that the two have been making public appearances and cropping up on each other's respective social media accounts. However elusive they are, though, it's evident the spark between them is genuine.
Earlier this month, news broke that the two held a private commitment ceremony for family and friends as a means of declaring their devotion to one another without the flashiness of a wedding (ironic for Gaga, eh?). A wedding might soon be around the corner. But, before all of that (if it even happens), let's trace their love from its mermaid beginnings to now.
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May 2011: Gaga Splits From Long-Time Boyfriend Lüc Carl
Gaga and Carl had been an on-again, off-again couple for years — since before she was famous and a few years after. The relationship ended for good in May 2011. Gaga confirmed it while visiting The Graham Norton Show, saying: "No boyfriend. I'm miserably pathetic in my wedding dress." (The superstar was wearing a gown.)
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July 2011: Lady Gaga Meets Taylor Kinney On Set Of "Yoü And I"
Kinney starred as the crazed doctor who captured a mermaid Lady Gaga. They get fake married in the short music video film — a loose adaptation of The Little Mermaid. They had mermaid sex. It was weirdly hot. The chemistry was so palpable, rumors of a new romance began to fly.
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September 2011: Gaga x Kinney Relationship Confirmed
The elusive couple were spotted on many occasions together post-music video. Their romance was confirmed soon after.
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December 2011: Photographed For The First Time
Photos of the two together were rare, however. It wasn't until the end of 2011 that photo proof of the couple's budding romance started to surface.
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May 2012: First Split Rumors
Due to a new tour for Gaga, rumors that the two were calling it off buzzed. A source also claimed Gaga was too much for Kinney to handle. This turned out to be false.
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July 2012: Chicago Visit
One way to squash a breakup rumor? Visit your boo where he's filming a new television show.
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August 2012: Gaga's Wedding (Dress)
Lady Gaga sparked wedding rumors when she uploaded an Instagram of her in wedding garb. It turns out she was starring in one of her friend's weddings and was just trying on gowns for fun — an activity she'll repeat in due time.
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March 2013: Lady Starlight Predicts A 2013 Wedding
Gaga's best friend Lady Starlight told The Sun she and Kinney were definitely getting hitched in 2013. "From all I've heard," Starlight said, "I don't think I'm dropping a secret by saying they are ready to get hitched this year. There's a summer period when his shooting schedule will be clear and her concert and studio commitments will be minimal."
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November 2013: More Breakup Rumors Fly
The wedding never happened. Rumors of a potential breakup started swirling again. Why? Because that's just how the world works. Gaga and Kinney squashed those rumors, however, by engaging in a lil' bit of PDA at the YouTube Music Awards. Gaga also gushed how "in love" she is with Taylor.
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January 2014: The Golden Globes
A decidedly less Gaga-looking Gaga made a rare red carpet appearance with Taylor at the Golden Globes.
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February 2014: Attend Britney Spears' Las Vegas Show
The two continued to venture out in public together, cameras in tow, and saw Britney Spears' Las Vegas show. She will later admit to being "submissive" in bed with Kinney.
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May 2015: This
Look! PDA! Adorable, heart-wrenching, omgwhycantthatbeme PDA! If this isn't a sign of true love, show us what is.
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July 2014: More Wedding Dress Shopping
Gaga sparked wedding rumors again when she was out with her mom in Toronto, shopping for vintage wedding gowns. She would later share her frustration over the rumors. Girl just wanted to wear a wedding gown? Is that too much to ask?
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September 2014: Harper's Bazaar Celebrate Icons By Carine Roitfeld
Gaga and Kinney's public displays of romance were brought to the red carpet again for a NYFW event honoring the singer. If there's one thing red carpets are good for, it's showing off your love.
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Fall 2014: Rings, Tears, And A Secret Ceremony
Late September and early October 2014 have sent the wedding rumor mill into overdrive. First, Sophia Bush shared an Instagram of her and Kinney on the set of Chicago Fire. She was sure to mention that the ring on Kinney's finger was not for the show. Then, Gaga gushed over how wonderful Kinney is to her. (He cries when he listens to her music.) Finally, sources close to the couple claim the two held a secret commitment ceremony in New York to prove their devotion to one another. So, basically, they're going to get married, right? All signs point to...maybe.

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