Mila Kunis Predicted She & Ashton Kutcher Would Have A Baby

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Just call her Nostra-Kunis. A clip has surfaced online from an episode of That '70s Show, in which Mila Kunis' character, Jackie, tells her onscreen boyfriend, Kelso, that one day she hopes to have children with him. As you may already know, Kelso was played by none other than Ashton Kutcher, who just so happens to be the real life dad of Kunis' newborn daughter, Wyatt.
The prescient moment occurred during an episode in which Kelso donates sperm at a local sperm bank in order to buy Jackie a V-day gift. Naturally, his plan backfires (because sitcoms), which paves the way for the touching moment between the teenage lovebirds.
"If there are going to be little Kelso babies, I want them to be ours," Jackie tells Kelso.
"Really? You want to have my children?" he asks.
"Well yeah, if you get rich and don't lose your hair, because I love you!"
Hmm, let's see. Does a net worth of $140 million constitute rich? Ashton also has one of the best heads of hair in Hollywood, making Kunis' 2001 prediction pretty spot on. The real credit however, should go to writer Gregg Mettler, who wrote the episode and gave Mila her fateful lines.
Hey Gregg, here's a suggestion: Play the lottery, right now. (Buzzfeed)

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