Kotex Wants To Know If Your Boyfriend Would Get You Pads In The Zombie Apocalypse

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
Last night on The Walking Dead, Carol saved everyone's ass. She literally blew shit up, walked into Terminus like she owned the place, and became a warrior of virtue. And, as she covered herself in the entrails, blood, and mud of deceased walkers to get the job done, you probably thought, "Man, I hope Rick remembered to pick her up a box of maxi pads, because you know that vending machine in the Terminus bathroom is probably never stocked."
Of course you didn't think this, because you were in awe of how much Carol has grown, how it's good to have her back with the rest of the group, and how she's such a boss these days. Yet, last night, Kotex tried to spark the whole period-zombie discussion in an ad on Twitter. In the tweet, the brand asks: "Would your guy go grab you pads during a zombie apocalypse?"
Though you've definitely contemplated how you'd handle your period in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, what does a guy have to do with it? Have you seen a man interact with any period-maintenance device? It's like they're playing a one-man game of hot potato, but the potato also has something gross on it.
It's not that pads wouldn't be useful in this situation, either. In fact, zombie expert Matt Mogk explained to us earlier this year that pads are great to roll up and stick in your shoes for long treks. Plus, you can use them to treat wounds. "Think of them as part of your first aid kit," Mogk advised. It's just strange how men somehow got wrangled into securing these particular goods.
The image Kotex chose for this ad is just as confusing as its premise. Why are there both male and zombie hands? Are they fighting over it? And, if you did decide you wanted to bring a box of pads in your survival pack, regular strength isn't gonna work — you've gotta get that overnight action.
Finally, there's the collection of hashtags. For any woman who's been stuck without some period supplies, the appropriate sentiment here isn't #RealMenFightZombies. How about #RealWomenJustFigureItOut or #CrumpledUpToiletPaperAlsoWorks?

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