Zombie Survival Prep You Can Actually Do

About a month ago I received a special delivery at the office from a company called Man Crates. It came with a crow bar — because that's what you needed to open the crate. Once I pried that sucker open, I saw a note: "Be Safe From The Walkers, Vanessa." Upon further inspection, it was clear the good people of Man Crates knew about my obsession with The Walking Dead and kindly sent me a zombie survival kit.
When I expressed my gratitude to the company for the amazing gift, I got a response from Jon Beekman, founder and CEO of Man Crates. He explained how he got into the zombie-kit business: "With the surge in popularity of AMC's Walking Dead, we started getting tons of requests from zombie fanatics looking for zombie survival gear. Being zombie lovers (or rather future zombie hunters) ourselves, we decided to pack our favorite zombie countermeasures into a few epic crates."
Naturally, I was intrigued. Would the contents of this crate truly make or break my zombie fate? So, I spoke with Matt Mogk, founder of the Zombie Research Society and author of Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Zombies. Mogk's also a regular expert on The Talking Dead — AMC's clever recap show. Ahead, he walks me through what I need to do in order to survive the biters.

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