The 12 Best Films About Menstruation. Period.

There are few things discussed so ridiculously as your period. That's probably because it's something that makes so many people (read: men) uncomfortable.
You know the stigmas. If you feel like having a slice of cake for breakfast, boys will say, "Oh, she's probably on the rag." Your emotions are blamed on PMS. Tampons are treated like land mines. It's these extreme reactions that make for great storytelling. Because even though periods are a tale as old as time, they still manage to serve as fresh fodder for films. Periods! How novel!

Perhaps it's because they provide a dual purpose. For dramas, the period can symbolize entry into womanhood. And, this monthly moment happens to be perfect for situational comedy. Any woman who's ever had to tie her sweater around her waist — or teased her brother with an unused maxi pad — knows what I'm talking about. Ahead, 12 films that weren't afraid to go there.

Sixteen Candles

Depending on how you feel about gettin' it on when you're riding the crimson wave, Samantha's sister Ginny is about to have a very different honeymoon than originally planned. You see, Ginny took a handful of muscle relaxers to ease her period pains. Her subsequent walk down the aisle is quite entertaining, but also quite embarrassing.

My Girl

"I'm hemorrhaging!" Vada shouts, mirroring the very thought many of us had when first getting our periods. Except, we never had Jamie Lee Curtis to talk us through it.

No Strings Attached

Syncing up with your roommates can be a hot mess. Thankfully, Natalie Portman had Ashton Kutcher on hand to bring cupcakes and a period mix CD. Do you think he does this for Mila Kunis? Probably.


This girl is just like, "Hey, periods happen. Get over it."


The lesson here: Never question Elizabeth Berkley.

The Runaways

You know you've used this toilet-paper trick. We know you've used this toilet-paper trick. And, now, Dakota Fanning knows it, too.

The Blue Lagoon

In which a young Brooke Shields shouts, "Just go away!" and perfects the very reaction we have about periods, always.

Ginger Snaps

The only thing worse than turning into a werewolf? Listening to this nurse use the most outrageous, textbook-y words to describe your period, right before she reminds you to "play safe" since you can get pregnant now.

The Legend of Billie Jean

There's probably a boatload of symbolism in this scene we could discuss, but we'll focus on the main point here, which is shutting up boys who say periods are gross. Putter's period is not gross — "It's wonderful!"


Dirty Love

Proof positive that as soon as you run into a beautiful man, something embarrassing will happen to you. Also, WHERE does one purchase such a large supply of maxi pads?

Movie 43

Chloë Grace Moretz gives us flashbacks to our early period years. Except, her experience is way funnier than anything we suffered through.


Carrie's experience is definitely the most excruciating scene involving a period, ever. Shouts of "Plug it up!" are enough to haunt your dreams for years.

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