#Fakegeekgirl Targets Comic Con Misogyny

If you geek out over almost any kind of pop culture genre — comics, sci-fi, horror, music, and yes, sports — you've probably had someone try to police what kind of fan you are and question your fandom. And, unfortunately, that can often be the best case scenario at conventions and other fan-oriented functions. Misogyny and harassment at Comic Con events is an ongoing problem that alienates and scares off female fans, who made up more than 40% of 2013 New York Comic Con attendees.
This year, NY Comic Con is making a strong effort to address issues of sexism and even cancelled an event with an author who said some pretty problematic things about women and diversity in a Flavorwire interview last week. But, costume designers and cosplay royalty Kerri Yount and Sara Jean Maefs, wanted to make a bigger statement. Enter #fakegeekgirl, a hashtag meant to remind everyone that no one is faking being a fan — and attacking women who are fans is not okay. Click through to see their hashtag (in concert with some excellent cosplay).

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