6 Ways To Eat Like A Health Goth

Health Goth — the movement characterized by individuals hitting the gym (and everywhere else) under the cover of darkness à la Rick Owens — is on the rise. And, it's a welcome change. Since about 2009 it seems you couldn’t step outside, let alone into a gym, without being bombarded with a visual assault of blinding, neon color: hats, shoes, underwear, outerwear — the fashion world has been channeling 1989 strong for quite some time. But, as with every trend that reaches its zenith and explodes in sartorial saturation so widespread that no man, woman, or child remains untouched, the pendulum must swing back. And, that it has. Health Goth is a look that's head-to-toe dark sportswear. It's one part classic street goth, one part Missy Elliot. And, whether your spandex is black or bright, everybody’s gotta eat. If you’re of the more muted persuasion, here’s our top six foods for a Health Goth.

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