Why You Need To Break Up With Your Snooze Button

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Every morning, after the alarm goes off, you cower from the sun, hit the snooze button, then repeat that cycle two more times before finally dragging yourself out of bed 30 minutes later. You scored another half-hour of shuteye, so why do you still feel like passing out into your bowl of oatmeal?
That's because those precious last minutes are not quality slumber. A good night’s sleep relies on your circadian rhythm, and constantly hitting snooze will throw that internal timer out of whack. Your body restores itself during REM sleep, sleep specialist Michael Breus, PhD, tells Women’s Health. But, heading back to bed starts a new cycle. Soon, your body won’t even know when to wind down or wake up. And, thanks to the looming deadline of getting to work on time, the fragmented sleep pattern will leave you feeling groggy long after you get out of bed.
To learn more about how the snooze button sabotages your day, click on over to Women's Health. (Women's Health)

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