Puppy Lovers, Rejoice! This Blog Is Your New Compulsive Read

With numerous ad campaign credits and Karl Lagerfeld on their team, cats typically come out on top as the fashion world's resident animal-in-charge. But, if Mrs. Sizzle has a say, man's furry best friends would get a share of the spotlight, too.
The canine-themed style site was launched by Suzanne Donaldson, former photo director at Glamour. Tapping into the rolodex of photographers she accumulated in her more than two decades at the magazine, Donaldson lists boldface names such as Sebastian Kim and Olivia Bee as contributors, in addition to featuring occasional vintage dog shots taken by the likes of Robert Mapplethorpe. The puppy enthusiast hopes to grow the blog into an art and commerce platform: She's been collaborating with Marcus Mam on a portrait series of fashion insiders with their beloved pets, and will launch a video with Isaac Mizrahi next month.
As her project continues to build some serious industry cred, Donaldson aims to accomplish more than just showing photos of cute animals. By featuring rescue dogs in her product shoots, she hopes to increase their chances of getting noticed and eventually adopted — which is just another reason why this is our new favorite website, ever. Ahead, some of our favorite images and adoption success stories that will melt the hearts of even the most staunch cat lover.

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