Dad From 7th Heaven Confesses To Child Molestation

2Photo: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Update: Entertainment Weekly has learned that Collins has been cut from Seth MacFarlane's upcoming film, Ted 2. It's unknown whether the part has already been filmed, but sources indicate that his removal will not affect the movie's storyline in any significant way.
Stephen Collins, the actor who played the father on the '90s series 7th Heaven, has confessed to child molestation. TMZ obtained a tape of his confession, which he made to his estranged wife, actress Faye Grant.
In 2012, Collins admitted to his wife in a therapy session that he had exposed himself to underage girls in the past. Unbeknownst to Collins, Grant taped the entire session. In the state of California, you can secretly tape a conversation when the person in question has committed a violent felony, which includes child molestation.
Collins confessed to exposing himself to several young girls. There was also "one moment of touching" where he put the hand of one of his victims on his penis. When Grant asked if he had ever dated any of the girls or talked about it, he clarified that he'd never dated any of them and there was "never any conversation around" the incidents.
The NYPD is now pursuing a criminal investigation of Collins, who is believed to have had sexual contact with several children. If you can handle the ick factor of it all, you can listen to the full recording of Collins' confession at TMZ. (TMZ)

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