New Republican Ad Shows Exactly Why The Party Has A Women Problem

In another desperate attempt to gain the female vote, the College Republican National Committee released a video this week that compares choosing a political candidate to picking out a wedding dress. After a few fails — à la Mitt Romney and his "binders full of women" — you can't help but wonder who is green-lighting these ideas.
In what is possibly the worst Say Yes to the Dress spin-off ever made (yes, including Say Yes to the Bridesmaid), the ad is a bizarre fake reality show where women try on dresses named after male candidates and then wear those dresses to voting booths.
The ad is for Florida Governor, Rick Scott, who is running for reelection. In the clip, Brittany, the undecided voter/bride, explains that as a college graduate, budget is “really important” to her, and the Rick Scott dress is perfect. But, her mother has other plans. Mom prefers the (Democratic) Charlie Crist dress, which she openly admits is “expensive and a little outdated.” Not to mention, it’s a truly hideous dress, and Brittany looks like she's being exorcised when she tries it on. Clearly, her mother is wrong in her choice of dress candidate.
Even though Brittany is a college grad who is concerned with her future, her character is reduced to just a girl choosing a wedding dress. It’s 2014, women do far more than just wonder and worry about their wedding day. Did the CRNC really think the best way to get females on their side was to explain politics in stereotypical terms like wedding planning? Did they also consider a Top Chef spin off where women have to navigate policy items through making sandwiches?
The ad is really funny if you think you're watching an SNL Digital Short. But, when you realize it's an earnest attempt from a major political party to appeal to women, you want to run away as fast as you can. Or, watch the train wreck 12 more times and share with every clever woman you know.

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