6 Easy Mocktail Recipes That Are Perfect For Sober October

It might have been the horrendous hangover you suffered last weekend (the weekend before, and the week before that...). Maybe it's the fact that you can't quite remember getting home last Friday night. Or, perhaps you just want to fatten your wallet while whittling your waistline and supporting a good cause. Whatever your reason for taking a dry spell and laying off the bottle for Go Sober for October, we're sure it's a good one. And, these six delicious and nonalcoholic cocktails prove that staying sober can be more fun than you might think.
Raise a toast to booze-free fun with custom concoctions from London’s top restaurants and bars. These mega mocktails will rock your teetotaler world with top-notch ingredients, ranging from fresh fruit juices to exotic elixirs. Click through to quench your thirst — and brace yourself for a night out that you might actually remember the next day. Hey, there's a first time for everything.

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