Drones Aren’t Just Weapons Anymore — Now They Take Selfies Too!

There is nothing worse than wanting to take a selfie while rock climbing and not being able to. The proverbial fork in your road towards validation leaves you at a loss: Do you risk shattering your device in the attempt to show off your adventurous lifestyle? Or, do you rest your laurels on your follower's ability to believe something happened to you without pictures?
Luckily, the 21st century has spawned brilliant minds to take your selfie game and make it that much stronger.
The Nixie is a flying wristband drone that reorients the attached camera towards the user when released off the arm. It snaps that picture you've only dreamed of taking before floating back to your wrist. Boom. Selfie.
Of course, the Nixie is still in development mode. But, with the $50K Nixie's team scored from Intel's Make It Wearable competition, the selfie drone could be coming to a wrist near you. Your move, Apple Watch. (TechCrunch)

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