Adam Levine Plays Creepy Stalker In New "Animals" Video

Guys, Adam Levine is having his "Stan" moment — you know, when a popular musician pretends to be a psycho who puts women in peril? The catch here is that the woman playing the object of Levine's stalker obsession in Maroon 5's new "Animals" video is his own real-life wife, model Behati Prinsloo. (And, here we thought married life was meant to be boring.)
The gist of the just-released video is this: Levine is a creepy butcher with glasses. He sees Prinsloo, falls in love — because, hello, she's freaking gorgeous — and then proceeds to follow her down the street, sneak into her bed, and hit on her at a club. All the while, he's singing that's he going to "hunt you down eat you alive" and fantasizing about some butt-naked, blood-soaked sexy time. Someone's been watching too much True Blood.
Note to potential stalkers: This is not a how-to guide. Stalking won't land you a supermodel. The last thing we needs is anyone taking inspiration from this glorification of violence.
Judging by the comments on YouTube, some fans are seeing this as a "steamy" video that lets them watch a naked Levine and Prinsloo go at it like, well, animals. Others are disturbed by the stalker-gets-girl (at least in his dreams) message. The "Is Adam Levine A Douche?" debate rages on.
Video: Courtesy VEVO.

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