Taylor Swift Demands To Know The Truth About Her Secret Twin

Just call Taylor Swift "Punnett," because she wants to get things squared. The cat mother, feminist, and sometimes Becky recently noticed something. For T. Swizzle, looking at Swedish EDM DJ Avicii (real name: Tim Bergling) is like looking into a mirror.
Inspired by her feline detective Olivia Benson, Swift decided to do some sleuthing. This took the form of posting a mashed-up photo of herself alongside Avicii on Instagram. In the caption, Swift says she confronted her parents about kidnapping her at birth. Is she, in fact, Avicii's long-lost sister?
"Of course they denied it. They would," Swift concludes. She follows the tale of woe with an Arrested Development-inspired hashtag and a pressing concern: "#heyyyyybrother #WHOAMIACTUALLY."
Do we need to book Taylor Swift on Who Do You Think You Are? Or, get her a subscription to Ancestry.com? The truth is out there, Taylor. (Vulture)

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