Drake's Tattoo Inspires Incredible New Tumblr

2Photo: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Not all emoji lend themselves to everyday use. When's the last time — if ever — you used the tub or shower emoji? How about the arrows? These little pics may seem specific, but that's because their one true home is on the body of one Aubrey "Drake" Graham.
A new tumblr, Drake's Emoji Tattoos, is inspired by the rapper's latest prayer-hands ink. The site superimposes rare emojis onto Drizzy's body. And, the choices are pretty spot on.
Suddenly, you realize the reason you never use that shower emoji is because it belongs only on Drake's arm while he's taking a bubble bath. You can't possibly continue using the dancing-cat-ear-girls now that Drake's rocked them on his neck. Check out the clever tumblr here. You can thank me now. (Mashable)

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