Here’s The Bizarre Korean Music Video Everyone Will Be Talking About On Monday

Just when you think you've seen it all on the Internet, the Internet produces something even stranger, weirder, queerer, odder.
Now, I've seen some crazy stuff while graining on the web's surfbort. (Some things are too crazy to mention here, but take me to drinks and I'll regale some escapades.) But, never has something so peculiar flashed across my screen.
Because, whatever is going on in Korean DJ/producer Hitchhiker's video for "11" transcends space and time, and enters (perhaps even creates?) a new dimension. It's like Gaspar Noé enlisted M.I.A. and avid Second Life users who create bizarre GIFs for Tumblr to make a video for his auto-tuned baby chant.
On top of that, there's what looks like a chrome version of Laurence Fishburne's character from The Signal busting some dad-style dance moves. It's a mess — a beautiful, whacked-out mess that will soon come to dominate the Internet in the same ways Nyan cat and the Harlem Shake did. Consider this your warning.
Oh, and if auto-tuned babies pique your interest, be sure to check out Major Lazer's 2009 song "Baby." It is the iTunes Basics to Hitchhiker's Deep Cut. Just be sure to check your sanity at the play button. (AV Club)

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