Some Jerk Tackled Kim Kardashian At Paris Fashion Week

If you ever wanted to be famous like the Kardashians, the below video should snap you out of that fantasy. Say what you want about courting fame and paparazzi, but getting out of a car should never involve being tackled by some creep or nearly being smothered by dozens of camera-waving gawkers. And, let's face it. When TMZ is calling you out for invading someone's space, you know you've gone way too far.
The entertainment site has procured a video which sees Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner exiting their car to attend a runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Kardashian is barely out of her seat before some ne'er-do-well jumps out and tackles her by the legs. It looks like Mama Jenner got a few good kicks in as security steps in and whisks Kardashian off to safety (which is really just another horde of paparazzi).
According to TMZ, Vitalii Sediuk has claimed credit for the stunt. Sediuk, you may remember, is the Ukrainian prankster who hid under America Ferrera's dress at Cannes and has grabbed the likes of Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, and Will Smith. He hasn't been arrested — but he should be.
Thankfully, North West wasn't around. Even so, this barbaric behavior has to end. Isn't it only a prank if someone finds it funny? (TMZ )
Video: Courtesy TMZ.

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