Ellen DeGeneres Finally Makes Sense Of Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ad

Like you, Ellen felt confused after seeing Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercial. Don't get us wrong — everything in the ad is beautiful. The car looks good. The vaguely Midwestern terrain is rugged and inspiring. McConaughey's still a regulation hottie. All the pieces are there. But, why is he having a one-sided conversation with a bull? And, what is he doing with his fingers?
Ellen explores the nuances of this advertisement, revealing that what we see on our TVs is actually the edited edition. She is, apparently, in the original version — and her presence makes it a lot more amusing.
In her spoof of the ad, everything suddenly makes a lot more sense. Why is McConaughey acting so strangely? Because of all the pot brownies, of course. What's with the strange guitar music? You're only hearing that because her original soundtrack had been cut. Below, Ellen shares her remake of the most shrug-inducing commercial of this year.

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