How To Dress Like An Italian Girl — 50+ Lessons Worth Knowing

If the stylish women of the world's fashion capitals share one thing, it's confidence. Whether the local flavor skews more cosmopolitan, glamorous, avant grade, or preppy, the women who wear it best never do things halfway. In Milan, the style seems to be split straight down the middle between women who like things a little more glamorous and those who prefer a simpler approach to dressing (call it the stiletto-sport sandal stand-off, if you will!). It’s Dolce vs. Prada, and Versace vs. Marni — the lines are drawn, but both sides are making a convincing argument.
No matter which one you're on, there’s a little something to be learned from the scene during Milan Fashion Week, where even international editors start sipping on that local stuff, and pick a team. Ahead, we’re showing you 87 style moves that show off an Italian job well done.